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The brightest, highest performing light bar manufactured in the USA. High-powered and densely packed with CREE LEDs, the Fusion GPL is engineered to simplify the overly-complicated FLB market with multiple points of perfection. Capabilities: 3 programmable modes, rear directional, dimming, front and rear cutoff, cruise mode, takedown, alley and work light, flood mode for dual colour, optional Stop/Tail/Turn.

With 16 to 48 flash patterns, the Fusion 49'' or 60" LED Light Bar is the most advanced light bar in emergency vehicle lights. No Interference. It is the first choice for First Responders with a low tolerance for EMI or RFI. The Fusion emergency light bar can be roof mounted on vehicles such as Sedans and SUV's. The 49" and 60" LED light bar is the industry leader with a low profile and extreme light output. The Fusion series offers emergency lights that take the best of both the 180 and 40-degree optics.


  • 360° unobstructed lighting.
  • Interchangeable 180° or 40° light spread optics per module.
  • Available in single colour or dual colour.
  • 48 flash patterns for dual colour.
  • 16 flash patterns for the single colour.
  • Available Colours: R, B, A, W, G, RW, BW, AW, AR, AB, RB.
  • Modern slimline design.
  • Capabilities: -3 programmable modes -Rear Directional -Dimming -Front and Rear Cutoff -Cruise Mode -Takedown, Alley and Work Light -Flood Mode for dual colour -Optional Stop-Tail-Turn.
  • Rugged weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Three available mounting options: -Hook Kits (multiple vehicle options) -Permanent.


  • Product Number #FN-4918 (single color), #FN-4918D (dual color).
  • Warranty 5 Years.
  • Certifications SAE J595, CT13, SAE J1119.
  • Input voltage 12VDC.
  • Current Draw: 15A.
  • Dimensions: 1.6” x 49.5" L x 11.8" W.
  • Single Colour: 156 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s.
  • Dual Colour: 312 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s.
  • Cable Harness length: 15 Feet.
  • Made in the USA